Why Correct Posture is Important

Stop slouching! Easier said than done. We all know that good posture is important, but we aren’t always aware that we have bad posture. Also, why exactly is posture so important?

Correct posture means standing up straight. It also means:

  • Your weight is evenly distributed on your feet
  • Your chin even with the ground
  • Your spine is neutral
  • Your hips are even
  • Your shoulders are even
  • Your arms rest at your sides

Good posture will center your weight over your feet promoting balance. Maybe you don’t think balance is important, because you aren’t on a skateboard or a ballerina. Think again! Balance is extremely important for your well-being. Everything you do requires some sort of balance, like standing up, going for a walk, or carrying groceries.

Why you want correct posture? Having good posture:

  • Helps prevent backaches
  • Allows you to breathe easier
  • Decreases unnecessary stress on the ligaments and joints
  • Helps prevent issues with the spine
  • Helps prevent wearing on the joints
  • Often lifts your mood
  • Promotes a confident appearance
  • Is more efficient on the muscles

You can improve your posture with the guidance of a chiropractor. Call Porter County Wellness to schedule an appointment today. (219) 615-3178. The team at Porter County Wellness is dedicated to helping Northwest Indiana improve upon posture, back pain, and overall health and comfort.