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The most basic definition of Subluxation we can give you is a partially dislocated spinal bone or a misalignment of the vertebrae. Subluxation is known to chiropractors as the root cause for many injuries. But there is a lot more to it in terms of cause and healing that we are going to look at now. 

There are 3 general types of stress that lead to subluxation. The first one is physical stress which is also probably the most easily understood. This means whiplash or when quick changes are made to the neck and its forward curve. Another type is chemical stress which is when drugs, alcohol, and artificial ingredients affect muscle tone and changes are made to the spinal alignment. The third and final type is emotional stress such as anger, grief, and fear which cause muscle muscles to tighten and postural changes to emerge. 

Once you are diagnosed with Subluxation, treatment begins focusing on forcing the joint back into its correct place. The more complex dislocations may require surgeries. Once it is back, pain killers are administered as well as a sling or cast to ensure it doesn’t become dislocated again. Soon after, physical therapy and rehabilitation begins with a professional until it is safe to do so alone.

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