Sleeping & Back Pain Part I: What’s in a Bed?

Welcome to our two-part series about pain-free sleep! Today we will talk about the best kind of bed. The right bed can set you on the path to better sleep and less back pain. For our next blog instillation, we will review sleep positions.

Of course, if you have any questions about sleep, always consult your primary care doctor.

When you wake up and you don’t feel rested, you might be in the market for a new mattress. This is especially true when your back hurts. You have the right line of thinking: the right mattress can help you sleep better and improve back pain.

There are some things to keep in mind when you shop for a mattress. This list of “do’s” points you to a mattress that is right for you.

When mattress shopping DO:

  • Find a mattress that provides enough support: Adequate support is important for h ealthy sleep. Think of your mattress as a foundation that will keep your body supported for many hours every night. Adults need 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night, meaning you should spend upwards of 63 hours in bed per week. That is a lot of time! If you aren’t supported well, your spine won’t be aligned correctly. This will lead to waking up feeling stiff and grumpy.
  • Test your mattress: Like Goldie Locks, find a mattress that is ‘just right’. This will require you physically going to the mattress store. Online shopping is convenient, but it won’t be enough for buying a mattress. Even if the mattress is labeled “firm” and has good reviews, it might not be firm enough to support your needs, or it might be too firm. You need proper support, but excess firmness can stop your spine from relaxing in its natural curve. When you test your mattress, be sure to check your natural sleep position. Remember: Not too firm, not too soft, just right!
  • Take your partner: When you share your bed, you will have a whole other person to consider on your quest for the best sleep. Take your partner with you to the store. Before shopping, share this article with them and discuss your desire to find the happy medium of softness and firmness. They will benefit from this greatly, too! When you are testing mattresses, have your partner roll to see if your side is affected.
  • Look for Quality: Buying the cheapest, bargain mattress probably means you are compromising quality. Mattresses are a big investment, both financial and time, when you consider how often you use your bed. Mattresses should be built to last and be comprised of quality material. Also, don’t get a used mattress. Not only has it been worn down, it might be riddled with bed bugs or other gross things. Always buy new and get the best you can within your budget.

Unfortunately, even with perfect mattress, your back might continue to hurt. Together with your new mattress, chiropractic care can help helps alleviate your back pain. Also, your chiropractor can help your sleep overall because of the improved blood flow. When you are in less pain, you won’t toss and turn as much looking for that comfortable position. Dr. Darrell Beauvais is an experienced chiropractor, proudly serving Northwest Indiana. Call to Porter County Wellness and schedule an appointment today (219) 615-3178. See you soon!

Check back next month for our tips about sleep positions!