Correct Posture Awareness Month

There really is an awareness month or day for everything these days. In fact, the month of May is Correct Posture Awareness month. So, let’s talk about correct posture and what it takes to correct and maintain. 

Poor posture can lead to strain on your muscles causing them to relax. Poor posture can come about from stress, obesity, pregnancy, weak or tight muscles, and wearing high heels. As well as, decreased flexibility, poor work environment, and unhealthy sitting/standing habits.

Good posture is important because it allows you to stand, walk, sit, and lie down in positions that do not strain your muscles. Good posture helps to keep bones aligned and allow for muscles to be used correctly, reduces stress on ligaments that hold joints together, allows your muscles to work more efficiently and use less energy, and helps prevent muscle strain.

Posture can be corrected but the worse your posture is, the longer it will take to correct. You can consciously correct your posture by knowing what proper posture is and paying attention to your posture.

We understand that maintaining perfect posture at all times in unrealistic, impossible really but here are a few things you should be aware of in regards to your posture as you go through every day: When sitting you should sit with your butt to the back of your chair and weight evenly distributed to both hips. You should sit with your legs at a 90-120-degree angle and perpendicular to the floor. You should also stand every 30 minutes or so. If you are working at a desk for long periods of time, drink lots of water and allow yourself to go to the bathroom when necessary. 

When sleeping or laying down, one should position themselves with a curve of the back. This can look like laying on your side with knees lightly bent or lying on your back placing a pillow under your knee. 

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