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Chiropractic Care for Children

Alternative medicine practices are on the rise. More people are taking their health into their own hands. Along with yoga and tai chi, chiropractic manipulation is one of the most popular non-traditional health practices for children to try. Chiropractic care is especially beneficial for children with certain health conditions like allergies and asthma. Chiropractic care also happens to be a drug-free practice. If you’re interested in learning more about this safe and gentle treatment of the spine and nervous system, along with how it can benefit common problems you and your child might face, we’ve got some great tips and information to share below.

1. Improved Sleep Quality
One of the most important qualities of healthy childhood habits is getting a full night’s sleep. But for the nearly 30 percent of children who experience sleep disorders like sleepwalking, sleep apnea, insomnia, and night terrors, it’s an ongoing challenge.

But with the help of a chiropractor, sleep issues can be vastly improved. Gentle massage and spinal adjustments are the ideal treatments to help your child feel more relaxed. In turn, this relaxed state helps them get a better night’s sleep.

2. Calms Colic
A baby who cries several hours a day can make many new parents feel helpless. Infants who suffer from bouts of colic often cry for up to three hours a day. Symptoms can emerge around six weeks of age, and then disappear by four months.

But with nearly 15 percent of newborn babies being diagnosed with colic, the common condition is actually very treatable. Chiropractic is a safe and natural way to ease colic symptoms and reduce the amount of crying by 50 percent. The long-term benefits of chiropractic care to treat infant colic, such as fewer incidences of waking up at night and temper tantrums, were also documented.

3. Sports Injuries 
Any parent of a child who plays baseball, basketball, gymnastics, or any other sport, knows how easy it is for sports injuries to happen. Something as simple as making a free throw can have major potential for long-term issues down the road. But with the help of a great chiropractor, your child’s injuries can be helped.

4. Headache Buster
Whether it’s a cold, a bad fall, or an earache, when your child gets a headache, you want to help make it stop. But medication isn’t always the answer, especially if your little one has allergies.

Statistics show that 95 percent of headaches are caused by muscle tension in the back or neck, spinal manipulation and adjustments can help. They work by relieving the tension in the body and help calm muscles and joints.

5. Growing Pains
Two out of five children and teenagers will experience growing pains in their lives. The throbbing aches and pains in the arms and legs are strong enough to wake them up from a deep sleep. Despite popular belief, growing pains are not actually related to growth spurts.

Instead, they are the result of the rigorous daily physical activities children participate in. This stress can manifest in the spine and affect the nervous system. A visit to the chiropractor can help calm the pain associated with growing pains and take the pressure off the spine.

Help Get Your Child on the Road to Better Health
When your child is in pain, you want to do everything you can to help them feel better. And when it comes to kids and chiropractic care, there is nothing you can’t achieve.

When you’re ready to try a new approach, we’re here to help your family heal. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact us today!