Back Cracking: What’s that Sound?

Snap, crackle, pop! When your back sounds like a breakfast cereal, you might wonder, why do backs crack? Our backs crack for many reasons when we twist or bend. It is fairly common and usually no reason for concern. However, if your back cracks a lot, or is accompanied by pain you might wonder what is normal.

“Crepitus” is that sound you hear when your back cracks. That cracking sound typically comes from your joints, but can develop elsewhere. It usually occurs during movement or when your spine is near the end range of its motion. You may hear pop or crack when you stretch, exercise, or when you are being treated by a chiropractor. Crepitus happens to most people and is usually not a cause of concern. (spine-health.com)

Some signs that your back cracking is normal are:

  • It is painless.
  • It can be repeated again.

Some signs that your back cracking is an issue:

  • There is pain.
  • There is swelling.
  • It’s coming from a place that was previously injured

The best course of action is to discuss these sounds and any other questions or concerns with your chiropractor. Dr. Darrell Beauvais is an experienced chiropractor, proudly serving Northwest Indiana.

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