Allergy Relief: Why to See Your Chiropractor

Achoo! Did you know that a visit to your chiropractor can help with allergies? You might not know that chiropractic care has numerous benefits above and beyond pain relief. It can even help with your allergies! But how?

Chiropractic treatment supports the central nervous system, which allows it work better. The immune system depends on the efficient communication of the brain and the spinal cord. When there is a disruption, like a misalignment, the immune system won’t work as well. A healthy immune system can better handle the invasion of allergens like pollution, dust, and pollen.

An experienced chiropractor, like Dr. Darrell, can help restore alignment and efficient communication between the spine and brain. This promotes a stronger immune system. Also, adjustments work to regulate the blast of histamine during allergy season and beyond. Since allergies can happen during any time of year, anytime is a good time to take charge of the release of inflammatory substances, like histamine.

Further, chiropractic care doesn’t stop at alignments and adjustments. Your chiropractor builds a care plan catered to you and your health goals. This includes exercises, nutrition, and lifestyle changes to support a healthier you. The ultimate goal is to and improve overall comfort and health. Since allergies stem from many things, your chiropractor can help you navigate a way to feel better with positive changes. Also, there is a proven link between stress and allergic reactions. When you take charge of your health with chiropractic care, the reduction in stress can reduce allergy symptoms.

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